Alexander Gorlizki x Swatch

Check out this article my talented girlfriend Emily Devoe wrote for Swatch Eye Magazine published in December 2014. Swatch partners with select artists to create non-traditional, limited edition pieces. Not Haute Horlogerie, but fun nonetheless. Alexander's work has an awesome cabinet-of-curiosities feel that reminds me of the plate engraved antique horological tooling catalogs of yesteryear. He often works in the Indian miniature painting tradition, where each stroke of color is applied with a single hair brush - a painstaking process certainly rivaling the levels of patience required in watchmaking. 

Alexander Gorlizki

A Global Citizen

Image Courtesy of Alexander Gorlizki and SWATCH LTD.

Image Courtesy of Alexander Gorlizki and SWATCH LTD.

Some publicity for Gehan & Dorety Watchmaking!

Below are a couple of links to some awesome press G & D has gotten.

An article published in The New London Day in August of 2014:

And here is a short segment from Channel 8 News that also aired in August 2014:

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