Gehan & Dorety Watchmaking operates out of a quiet corner of pastoral Connecticut woodland. Owned by Brad Gehan and Jack Dorety, G & D Watchmaking focuses on servicing, restoring, and repairing high-end timepieces. 

Located in a completely renovated barn on Brad's family property, the shop has a rich provenance firmly rooted in fine horological, machine and wood work. Generations of Brad's family have utilized the property for a myriad of entrepreneurial pursuits; perhaps most notable is the clock and watch repair shop that Brad's grandfather, Clifford VanDyke, owned and operated for many years after training at the Waltham Horological School in the late 1940's. 

Now, after much restorative construction to his very same work space, the facility mirrors the contemporary standard of high end watch repair facilities. The space is well lit, clean, and each partitioned room serves a specific purpose towards the end goal of impeccable service work. 

Brad and Jack were both classically trained in watchmaking and micromechanics at the Lititz Watch Technicum in the heart of Amish country Pennsylvania. Both are certified with the American Watch and Clockmakers Institute and Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance, and both hold diplomas from Lititz Watch Technicum.