Complete Overhaul

Gehan & Dorety Watchmaking provides superior service and maintenance for high end timepieces. 

A full service means that the watch is completely disassembled; each part is examined for damage and its functionality is assessed. The parts are cleaned in a special multi-step process to remove any old lubricants or contaminants. The watch is then reassembled, lubricated, and adjusted before being subjected to stringent timing analyses and water resistance tests. Before returning to the customer, timepieces are regulated and observed to ensure that each piece is operating at its full potential. 

A huge component of quality watch service is not taking shortcuts with procedure or replacement of worn / broken parts. This is a stance we take extremely seriously, and one that constitutes a line of separation between us and many cheaper, less thorough competitors' services. 

Cases are refinished according to original finish or manufacturers standards. 


Special watches, especially older ones, may be taken in for restoration. This is a more involved service that may include repairing worn or damaged parts, or making new components entirely from scratch. We can also polish and resurface components to replicate original factory finishes that may have become scratched or marred throughout the life of the timepiece. This type of work is of special interest to us and accepted on a case by case basis.  

Quick Services

We also change batteries, replace crystals, and adjust bracelet lengths. Cases and bracelets can also be refinished without a complete overhaul, without any warranty on water resistance or mechanical function. 


Getting Your Timepiece To Us

Our shop doors here in Sandy Hook, Connecticut are always open if you wish to drop off your timepiece or take a workshop tour. If you are not local to Connecticut, please contact us for instructions on how to ship to us. We have several clients that regularly send us work from all over the country.